4 Annoying conducts Kenyan single ladies should drop

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We all deserve to be loved by a person who considers us more than good enough and you are no exception to this rule. You deserve someone who is afraid to lose you because he knows you are the most amazing thing in his life. Yearn to be that person too who loves their special other unconditionally.

For the longest time, Kenyan ladies have never been worried on answering whether they wish to get married one day or not. Being married is good, but for my single ladies out there, you would rather stay single and happy, than get married and have years of regret. The value of marriage in Kenya is slowly diminishing and most ladies prefer being single.

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As much as we respect everyone’s decision, it would be best to highlight a few irritating things that single ladies do, which may potentially be working against them. Below are a few honest reasons why most Kenyan ladies are still single;

Focus on themselves

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Most Kenyan ladies who are still single, tend to place all focus on themselves. All they want is for the man to be the risk bearer at all cost. In most instances, you will find they contribute less into the success of the relationship. They have no idea how to strike a balance, they study a man and want to know everything about him and will reveal very little about themselves.

You see, for every relationship to be successful, each partner has to learn to strike a balance. Kenyan ladies should learn to be more selfless and be the best versions of themselves. Sometimes, it’s not always about you!

Discriminative to some type of men

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Have you ever tried taking a survey on these ‘slay queens’ in the clubs or in the streets of Nairobi? These sisters of ours can be very discriminating. They have already created their potential type of guy in their mind, and shock on you if you hardly meet up to those qualities, Boom! You are doomed. Men in most instances do their homework, they will go asking around about a lady’s behavior and it would be bad if they (guys) learnt you discriminated their fellow man just because you felt that they never met your standards.

That Physical Attraction is Everything

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Beauty pays off we agree, but ladies, it is not everything. You see all these fancy Nairobi ghels, want to a man who has life put together, they want him wealthy and to have some really good job. You would ask yourself what they are bringing to the table. These ladies forget that while being beautiful maybe considered as a virtue, being real and hard work is what will place the ideal man.

Always want to be ‘The Man’

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Act like a woman, think like a man is rang into my mind. Being confident, and doing things your way, ensuring that you bring out that strong side in you, is very admirable in the streets and even at work places. It makes you stand out, and there is a limitation to it though. You need to learn to know when to switch to your lady-like character.

Do you feel it’s right to bring your boss side during a dinner date? Sometimes it’s good even when hanging out with friends, to drop that ‘Bossy’ side in you and have a good time. That way you don’t intimidate those in the same company as you. Think about how that would affect your man or yet to be, trust me, no man would want to be with a lady trying prove she’s as strong as he is.

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Lastly, to the Kenyan single ladies out there, being single ain’t bad. It doesn’t make you weak or put a picture out there that you have possibly done a few wrongs before. The purpose of this article was to highlight a few mistakes that most of you do that could slowly be putting potential men off.

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