Your Bedroom Life reveals so much to do with your Relationship…

Incase you didn’t already know, The sex you have as a couple can answer so much to do with you and your man’s stand in your love life together. So, I’m here to help ya’ll. Here’s a list of interesting things your sex life can reveal about your relationship. You are welcome.

1. You feel comfortable around your mans and you trust him

Well, if both of you are open to try different things in the bedroom, then this just shows that ya’ll are comfortable with each other, and are willing to be open and try new things to spice up the relationship. You good boo.

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2. There’s an emotional disconnect going on

If there is no action going on between ya’ll, then this is something you should be worried about. If and only one party wants to engage in sex, then this is a sure sign that you’re relationship is done. Finito! kaput!

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3. Your mans doesn’t make you feel safe

It’s okay to feel some type of way when you’re naked in front of your partner. You’re completely vulnerable and if he makes you feel uncomfortable, then it means that he’s not the one for you girl. If you don’t have that emotional connection to him, then it’s boy bye.

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4. You’re craving some space

The sex ain’t enough or it’s not good enough. Either way, this means that you’re getting tired of him and you need to break free from him and the relationship. Uh oh. I smell doom here. It’s okay though, you better make a run for it before it gets worse.

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If the place in your relationship with your mans, is a good place and ya’ll be having good sex, then your relationship is on the right track to growth. But if it’s the exact opposite, then I suggest you talk to him about it and come up with a solution before things get out of hand.

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