Ruto Reminds Kenyans Just Who the Real Musalia Mudavadi is

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There is no doubt that Deputy President William Ruto always turns up for the occassion whenever called upon. Ruto is a man that has mastered his craft and as such is always able to blend in different places with different people and in the process win over a few people to his side.

Take him to a Christina setting, he will fit in. Take him to a Hustlers setting, he will also fit in.

He is known to be a man who says things as they are and he is never afraid to give his viewes on a number of issues.

Ruto is also known to be a man who likes reflecting on his humble background and his journey to the top.

He has time and again spoke of how he was a chicken seller before he rose to the Top.

The man from Sugoi is also never afraid of reminding his fellow Politicians of their past and today was the turn of ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Video (Ruto’s Full Speech At National Prayer Breakfast Meeting)

While recognizing guests present at National Prayer Breakfast Meeting, Ruto gave a special mention to all the guests present starting with Uhuru Kenyatta to South Sudan President Salva Kirr down to former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and later Musalia Mudavadi.

While recognizing the Presence of Mudavadi, Ruto was quick to remind guests present at the Prayer meeting just who Musalia Mudavadi was.

The DP reminded Kenyans that Mudavadi was once this Country’s Vice President and as such people should never forget that.

“I don’t know why we keep forgetting that once upon a time Musalia was our vice president” Said Ruto.

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Ruto said that even though he was Vice President for a short time, people should not forget that as he (Ruto) also suffered the same fate when he was Minister for Home Affairs for only Two Months.

Musalia Mudavadi served as the seventh Vice President of Kenya in 2002 and as Deputy Prime Minister from 2008- 2012 May when he resigned officially to join the presidential race.

In late 2002, Mudavadi was the last and shortest serving Vice-President of Kenya under President Daniel arap Moi. Mudavadi was appointed in an unsuccessful attempt to bring the then Western Province votes into the camp of KANU, which had been the party of government since independence.

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Mudavadi ran for Vice-President as Uhuru Kenyatta’s running mate in the 2002 election. Despite the support of the outgoing President Moi, the KANU political machine and the provincial administration, the Kenyatta/Mudavadi ticket was roundly beaten and Mudavadi lost his Sabatia parliamentary seat.

He has since undergone some Political rebirth and is seen by many as an Alternative Voice Kenyans now have given the fact that Opposition Chief Raila Odinga has now joined forces with Uhuru Kenyatta after the now famous Handshake.

Musalia has also set his sights on the Presidency come 2022 and it remains to be seen how he will play his cards this time round.

Will you consider Voting for Mudavadi as President should he make it to the ballot?

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