Wewe ni punda ya wapi? Willy Paul savagely attacks fan

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Famous people can’t do things that the average person can. Being famous or being a celebrity can attract stalkers. Celebrity status can attract too many fake friends. People constantly judge celebrities. Celebrities have no privacy.

Well, with a lot of expectations from the public celebrities are not expected to talk back at their fans when they are attacked.

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That’s not the same case with controversial artiste Willy Paul who attacked a fan after calling him gay on instagram.

The halleluja star who is used to online trolls decided to give a fan a taste of his own medicine.

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In the Instagram altercation, the singer shared a topless photo of himself in bed. He is currently in Houston, USA.

As usual, fans liked and commented on the photo. What ired Willy Paul was one fan’s comments that read:

Willy Paul, we know you are gay, That’s why your face is feminine, the fan posted.

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The gospel singer-turned-contemporary star did not let that comment slide. He shot out at the fan with a savage response.

Willy Paul wrote;

Madam, wewe ndio punda ya wapi? Ama mkokoteni ya wapi? Shukuru Mungu leo niko mood poa… next time be sure of what you say… hope watoto wako hawatakua kichwa busa kama wewe.. birika wewe.


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Bwana mkunaji amechoka. Wacha atulie kidogo.. Houston I’m in Town

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Well, Wily Paul later deleted the comment and later the fan apologized to say she was joking.

Here’s the Hallelujah hitsong;

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