Two Presidential candidates approach Waiguru for running mate offers

As 2022 succession politics continue heating up, at least two Presidential candidates have approached Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru for running mate offers  ahead of the polls.

The two, according to Waiguru are from two different political parties.

The former deputy Council of governors chairman however says she is considering the offers and will make an announcement at an appropriate time.

“I have at least two offers for the deputy president position, but it is not the right time to name the parties,” she was quoted by a local daily.

She however believes the Jubilee Party will still form the next government and sees herself playing a critical role in the populous Mt Kenya region to make this happen.

Deputy President William Ruto is currently seen as the front runner in Jubilee and the likely candidate for the party.

There is also another splinter group that wants to stop the Deputy President and is likely to either team up with the Opposition party or form a third alliance to wrestle Mr Ruto out of the presidency.

She said the Mt Kenya region will have to ensure that it gets its rightful share of development in the next government, and that is what her role will be when President Uhuru Kenyatta’s succession race starts in earnest.

“I see my role as making sure the 10 counties that make up the Mt Kenya region get their rightful place in the next government. We do not want a boardroom appointee to lead the region, but rather a person who is the choice of the people,” she said.

She distanced herself from a group that says the region is not getting its share of development projects, saying those are views of a few people.

She said that inasmuch as there are policy issues that need to be dealt with to make sure the region is not disenfranchised, it is getting significant investments relative to constraints in the national budget.

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