‘My life is in danger’ see why Eric Omondi has called the DCI

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has today claimed that his life is in danger after he received threats.

The Comedian in an Instagram post says that he was forced to call the Director of Criminal Investigations,Deputy President, Attorney General and the Inspector General in regard to these threats.

Eric Omondi who seemed to have chickened out says that he could not take the threats lightly and had to report the matter.

The comedian also revealed that the threats are from the daughter of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu who says that she will beat him if he repeats what he did to his father

Anita Kabu revealed that she was not happy with the fact that Eric Omondi put his father on a chicken and carried the chicken.

Simon Kabu shared the video with Eric Omondi to pass the message and warning which turned out to be hilarious.

Eric Omondi who claims he feels threatened was probably doing it for the humour and he says that Simon and her daughter will soon be summoned.

The video has triggered so many reactions from Eric Omondi’s fans not just for the humour behind the incident but some seem excited by how fluent Simon’s children are in speaking.

Eric Omondi is undeniably the main pillar of Kenya’s comedy and the joke about the ‘life threat’  got to many of his fans.



I am not taking these threats lightly, I have called the DCI, texted the DP called the AG and and Dmed the IG(Not Instagram I mean Inspector General)…My Life is in danger @kabusimon @anitakabu you will be sermoned.

See how some Kenyans reacted to the video


Jibu mashtaka….you put him chicken and then carried chicken😂😂😂😂



Anita is so cute and fluent 😂😂😂❤️


Watoto wadogo wanaongea kingereza ya interview bwana




😂😂😂😂😂 get ready……. That’s a real woman talking😂😂😂

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