Warning signs your kid is being bullied at school

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Most digital  parents  never notice that their kids are being bullied at school  because they are too busy with work and have no time for their kids or the kids are afraid of telling them.

Bullying affects a child’s social life and can even change a good kid into an aggressive  one. Digital parents, watch out for these common signs of bullying among kids before it’s too late.

1. Frequent headaches and stomachaches

If your kid is being bullied, the stress may result in headaches. The kid could also feign headaches and stomachaches just because they do not want to go to school. If the doctor says your kid is okay, talk to them to know if there is something more about their headaches and stomachaches.

2. They always arrive home hungry

Most kids will be hungry by the time they get home from school. But if your kids seem to be hungrier than usual, something could have changed. It could be that some kids are eating your kid’s food leaving them hungry.

Disturbed kid in calss(The Oklahoma Eagle)

3. Unexplained injuries

If your kid comes with a cut or scratch, ask them what happened. Don’t just assume that they fell while running. If they are afraid, they will give you an unreasonable explanation but it’s up to you to judge if what they are saying makes sense. If it doesn’t, then maybe they are being bullied at school.

4. Fear and unwillingness to go to school

Some kids generally don’t like school. But if your kid likes school but has been so reluctant to attend school lately, talk with them. Maybe they are afraid of being bullied in school but they do not know how to tell you.

5. Increases aggression

Kids react to bullying differently. Some are filled with fear but others develop aggression to survive. If you have noted signs of increased aggression in your kid, dig deep to know the reason behind the changes.

6.Poor performance

It’s very unlikely that a kid who is being bullied in school will perform well. They are always looking forward to going home and will therefore pay no attention in class.

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