The most disrespectful thing somebody can do on your sofa

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It has been like this over time immemorial that women with partners or husbands will never ever be comfortable with a young nanny/house help or as we call them maids. They always if not seem like a threat to that relationship and even if you put up a surveillance camera your insecurities as a wife, fiancée won’t just go away.

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But it’s every man’s dream and by every man I mean even those who you ask and say something in the lines of ‘Aiiiiiiiii,mimi ziii , aiiii  maid ni maid!’ kind of men those to, it is their dream too. Imagine the house help your wife brought is just pouncing around the house clothed minimally according to your imagination that is…hmmm good picture right?

Footage shows Brengle and her boyfriend kissing in the living room. Picture: ABC7 News

It would be very much pleasant in fact just that in this case, she is walking around the house completely naked, boobs hanging, all in all, the only missing factor is your thirsty self and the new factor is her boyfriend who is lying in your bed after them having some steamy sex and she was just going for water to fill up and go for round two. Would you feel bad?

Casey Brengle, 26, was caught naked on camera while dog-sitting. Picture: ABC7 News

Would you feel bad if the new sofa you just bought doesn’t have your scent but some random guy who just took your couch’s virginity? Now you just be home very uncomfortable sitting on it as you will just be having memories you shouldn’t be having of seeing another man butt naked for no reason heavily panting on your was-to-be sexy house sitter. Well, this didn’t happen to a guy but a lady and what she was most upset about all of it was the disrespect to her couch.

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Mind you they also banged each others brains out on her bed.

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