Tanzanian Singer Nandy addresses pregnancy rumours

Tanzanian Singer Faustina Charles Mfinanga famously known as Nandy has dismissed pregnancy claims days after admitting that she was in a relationship with late Media Boss Ruge Mutahaba.

Rumours had it that Nandy was expecting a child with her late lover and some fans feel that was probably the reason why Ruge’s death hit her most.

Speaking to one of the Tanzanian media, Nandy rubbished the claims saying that she is not pregnant.

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The Singer was set to get married to Ruge this year in March and she faced a major  blow after he passed on a month before their wedding.

On why she opened up about her lover yet they were dating in secret, Nandy says that she feels that it is the best way to take her through the healing process and equally showing a level of respect to her late lover.

Nandy and Ruge had kept their relationship secret for years and she revealed that they decided to keep it lowkey because they did not want social media noise an drama.

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The ‘Hazipo’ hitmaker also explained that her wedding plans were also secret because she wanted to keep off from the evil eye of haters.

Nandy mentioned that they were so serious about their relationship  and she still holds on to the memories she has of him.

Ever since she admitted she was dating Ruge, Nandy has been on the receiving end but she says she does not regret opening up about it.

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She also added that she is very proud  that she was once in a relationship with Ruge and the reason why she has been firing back at haters is because she will not allow anyone to disrespect her late boyfriend.

Nandy believes that Ruge still watches over her and  she will pull through despite the pain of dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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