Hamisa, Nandy block each other on social media after nasty beef

Tanzanian Female artistes Hamisa Mobetto and Nandy have blocked each other on social media after a nasty beef.

The two musicians were once big supporters of each other’s music until recently when Hamisa unfollowed Nandy on Instagram leading to Nandy unfollowing her too.

In an interview on one of the Tanzanian media, Nandy was reluctant to address the beef considering that they were once close buddies and Nandy always made an effort to hype her music and talent.

The ‘Ninogeshe’ hitmaker did not want to go into detail of her beef with Hamisa and why the blocked each other saying that there are more important things to address and this is not even a big deal to her.

Despite the fallout, she stated that  Hamisa Mobetto is doing well in her music career and she feels that she is equally doing her best.

Nandy says that the fact that both of them have supporters behind their music career should be the main focus and not their beef.

Nandy is accused of paying some social media users to tarnish Hamisa Mobetto’s name and to set the record straight, she says that the beef is more complicated than what people think.

One of the named social media user  ‘originaleast’ is rumoured to be the one behind Nandy’s dirty job.

In response to these claims, Nandy says that originaleast is not the only one who supports her and she cannot control social media users and what they think.

Her concluding remarks are that things are so complicated and she simply encourages musicians to focus on work.

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