Gospel Artiste Daddy Owen condemns Matungu Killings

Pioneer Gospel Musician Daddy Owen has today condemned the brutal Matungu, Kakamega killings and joined Kenyans in demanding for answers.

Daddy Owen says that the Matungu story is very disturbing and the sad part is that politicians are linked to the crime.

Four politicians including Echesa and Cleophas Malala were arrested and later released after the DPP issued a statement saying that they want to conclude the investigations.

In a statement issued Sunday evening, the DPP said investigations into the matter are incomplete and evidence so far gathered is insufficient, hence, the four; Echesa, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, Matungu MP Justus Murunga and MCA Libinus Odour be released.

Daddy Owen in an Instagram post says that wonders if politicians are serious and he questions whether power is worth killing innocent people.

The gospel artiste says that some of the people mentioned as suspects are people he knows on a personal level.

Daddy Owen reiterated that people cannot just sit and watch people getting killed by individuals who are greedy for power.

Have a look at his full post

Ths story in MATUNGU is very disturbing! The sad part is that it’s linking politicians in Luhyaland..!! Is POWER worth killing innocent people??? Are our politicians even serious?. To make it worse the ones who are mentioned I know them personally.. what happened guys! As a leader in the Young Mulembe Nation We condemn ths killings and we are demanding answers asap! We can’t just sit and watch when people are killed by power hungry individuals!….


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