Mayonde narrates her journey from Gospel to Secular Music 

Kenyan Singer Mayonde has narrated her transition journey from gospel music to secular.

Several musicians have been known to cross over from the secular music to gospel and Mayonde’s transition may seemingly sound rare.

The ‘Isukuti love’ hitmaker has been in the music scene for years and  she says that her transformation was easy for her since it was a smooth process.

“Making the switch from gospel to secular was not that hard because it happened over a long period of time. It was not like a big shock” she said.


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Mayonde says that she started with making more soulful music which she was drawn to and it was not that intense.

At the point when she started singing more sensual songs, Mayonde says that people were used to her singing secular songs and therefore there was so much ease.

She also reveals that she was  not afraid of losing her fans and supporters who looked upto her in the church because she believes that faith is individual.

Mayonde also added that she really wanted to do what felt natural for her regardless of who it would annoy or upset.

According to her, working with artists like Juliani at very early stages of her music career made her learn how to engage with an audience and always having a message.

She used to be a back vocal singer and she always observed how other musicians used to manage the audience and inspire them.

Her music has changed over time and seen a tremendous growth hence an immense contribution in the music industry.

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