Huge Blow as Prison Warder Prime Suspect Slapped with Fresh Charges

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When it rains, it pours has rung true for a slef-proclaimed Kisumu artiste who is now at the centre of a grave murder of Murang’a GK Prison warder, Pauline Ngoi Wangari.

Mr Joseph Otieno has been charged with attempted suicide on top of his previous charge of murder.

Police statements indicated that Otieno had attempted to jump to his death after police went to inspect a house he is suspected to have lived in.

Pauline Wangari was found killed in her house in Kiharu Estate in Murng’a county. Wangari was an employee of the Murang’a GK Prison at the time of her death.

CCTV footage showed a man exiting her house moments after the alleged murder.

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While police initially arrested Pauline’s known boyfriend, Peterson Njiru, he was released unconditionally after intelligence put the murder squarely on Joseph Otieno.

Wednesday evening, police captured Joseph Otieno in Kericho as he attempted to escape to Kisumu.

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Otieno would later divulge to police that he had met Pauline for the first time during the fateful night, but they have been interacting on FaceBook before that.

According to interrogation findings, Otieno is said to have admitted to stabbing Pauline dead after he smoked bhang.

He would thereafter plant a roll of bhang on the warder’s mouth and force the murder weapon on her hand to make it look like a suicide.




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