“Careful who you date” Vera shares lesson from failed relationship with Otile

Kenyan Socialite  Vera Sidika has today shared a lesson from her failed relationship with ex-lover Otile Brown and given relationship advise to her fans.

They say that when ladies break up, they have a tendancy of sharing quotes and crypted messages and this might be it.

Vera Sidika in her Instastory says that people should be careful who they date because most of the people are only looking for help and not love.

The business lady has been silent and busy  with her beauty parlor store and has not been in the drama world for quite some time now.

Vera, however, surfaced from her silence to reveal that she is still digesting on the lessons she learnt from the failed relationships.

From her message, it is pretty clear that Otile fits in the context judging from the issues they had while dating.

Although Otile Brown has moved on, Vera on her end has kept her relationship issues private ever since she revealed that she was dating and had moved on.

Was she dumped? Some fans have been raising these questions while others speculate that it was staged.

Amid these concerns, Jegede has also been crushing  on Vera and she decided to  remain silent about this too.

Her message comes days after Otile Brown reportedly rekindled his lover with Ethiopian bae Nabbi.

From my interpretation of her recent post, it relates to the incident where Vera alleged that her relationship with Otile failed because he was using her for the money.

One of the issues that led to their break up was when Otile borrowed money from Vera Sidika something that did not settle well with the business lady.

Meanwhile considering that Vera learnt a lesson from this relationship; her advise is that people should be careful who they date.

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