Blogger Alai blasts Morgan Heritage for urging Kenyans to register for Huduma Number

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Popular Blogger Robert Alai has blasted Jamaican  Grammy Award Winning artistes Morgan Heritage for  urging Kenyans to  register for Huduma Number.

In a publication he shared online, the Morgan Heritage group reportedly gave their opinion saying that the Huduma Number is a good thing for the system to put things in place because wwithout a system, there is no order.

During one of their visits in Kenya, the group is also on record saying that Kenya is a country they would not mind settling in. With their sentiments shared, some seemingly disagreed with this including Blogger Alai.

Other celebrities and influential people have equally weighed in over this  Huduma Number conversation include Jalango and Nick Mutuma who hve equally encouraged Kenyans to register.

Blogger Alai however seems to be bothered by how  and in what capacity the Jamaican musicians gave an opinion about what is best for Kenyans.

“See these buffoons. Now we have some Jamaican bang peddlers telling us about what is best for us? Last I checked, Kenya’s GDP was 8 times Jamaica’s.” he wrote in his post

Kenyans  have sided with Alai while others called him out saying that he did not have to throw insults at the musicians.

Have a look at the reactions.

MUIRURI MBUTE‏ @johnmumbute

how now??? so they have mastered swahili now to teach n advise?? they must be high

Jack Gathura‏ @JackGathura

Must you insult them

 💥 🇰🇪Benzo 🇰🇪 💥‏ @BenzoMnomaree

Wamelipwa na gava Roberto. Usiwalaumu. Maisha pia ni hard kwao

Kiarie Njuguna‏ @Kkiariez

GDP not the best way to compare countries with big population differences. Try GDP per capita; Jamaica is 5* ahead. Not to mention that our GDP is floating coz of the Chinese trillions

gichimu‏ @BhagavanDas10

So you think they should have been of the contrary opinion? Damn bro think! Its not illegal yet! Think!



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