Be alert! DCI warns of massive terror attack threat to these areas

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The Directorate of Criminal nvestagation (DCI) has issued a warning on a potential massive attack by Al Shabaab militants targeting churches.

According to the DCI, the intelligence report reveals that the militants may be targeting churches in Nairobi, Coast and North Eastern regions.

The report shows the insurgents are sneaking into the country using the Hulugho-Ijara route within Garissa county.

“Al Shabaab is planning to stage attacks in churches in North Eastern, Coast and Nairobi during this period of Ramadhan.

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However, the modus operandi and specific targets are not specified,” a report from the DCI says in part.

At least 30 insurgents were last week spotted at a watering joint within Hulugho area.

As a mitigation measure, police want places of worship to be installed with CCTV cameras and thorough screening of the faithful by security guards.

In the meantime, Tourism Fund has called for deployment of more officers in the wake of terror attacks targeting major installations including those in the hospitality industry.

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The fund said the shortage of officers had created a crisis in the unit.

A few weeks ago Police officers in Lamu county were on high alert following a terror-related incident on Sunday night which had caused anxiety among the locals.

Heavy gunshots were reportedly heard a few metres from Ishakani GSU Camp and when officers went to find out what was happening they found messages written in Arabic warning non-Muslims in the region.

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“The officers noticed Arabic writings on the road which loosely translated to “Let the non-Muslims prepare for war.”

Officers also found the road along the Kenyan-Somalia border blocked by suspected terrorists who fled into a bush after noticing that the police had arrived at the scene.

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The incident took place just hours after suspected militants stormed a store in Mandera and made away with food.

This followed an intelligence report issued by the police warning that suspected militants from Somalia had crossed the border into Kenya.

In the report, the militants were 15 in number and were targeting to make attacks in the Nprth Eastern targeting hospitals.

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In addition, Immigration Principal Secretary Major-General (Rtd) Gordon Kihalangwa just recently called for more preventive measures to be put in place to curb the menace.

The PS particularly called for tighter security at the National Assembly and the Senate.

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Kihalangwa was attending a five-day conference of national conference for Sergeants-at-Arms in Naivasha which brings together Sergeants-at-Arms from Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mauritius and all the Kenyan counties.

“We are glad that no security threat has been reported in our  National Assembly or Senate but this is no reason to drop your guard,” he said.

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He challenged the officers to be alert, noting that Senate and the National Assembly are critical for the country’s governance, hence the need to enhance security.

“Your job as Sergeant-at-Arms is not only about the safety of the mace but also about the honourable members and their wellbeing,” he said.

Kihalangwa said with an increase in the number of visitors to the two Houses, there was need for security agents to be alert and heighten surveillance.

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“Parliament and nearby buildings have expanded and there is need to address the issue of security in the wake of increased cases of terror attacks,” he was quoted by People Daily.

The PS also said corruption was a threat, and called on officers to be on the lookout for  fraudsters around Parliament Buildings.

According to the police, the prime suspect of last year’s botched terror mission targeted the Supreme Court and other government installations in Nairobi and worked with several Kenyans who helped him acquire fake documents and move around.

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