Could this be the tweet that will betray Wetangula after his links in the fake Gold Scam

Senior Counsel AhmedNassir Abdullahi has revisited Bungoma Senator’s tweet on the Barclays Bank Fake money scandal. The flamboyant Lawyer who seemed rather mocking the senator reviving the tweet where Senator Wetangula appeared to be defending the bank after Ksh 2billion of fake currency was recovered at the Queensway Barclays Bank Branch safe.

According to Senator Wetangula’s tweet which he posted On March 19 said, “Is it possible that a respected international bank like Barclays can have fake currency in its safe? I think not!! Can the bank defend its reputation or be seriously sanctioned by the regulator?”

To his response Lawyer, Nassir said,

Well, According to Wetangula Barclays Bank was not capable of having fake currency in their safe following its a well-known bank both in the Country and around the world.

This has now captured the Senior Counsel’s attention after  Wetangula was linked into the fake Gold Scam after an audio of a voiced that sounded like his conversing with a one man who sounded more like an Arab where they were urging about the security of the gold.

Senator Wetangula has not responded to the claims against him, he is said to have flown out to China where he is with a section of senators who are on an official trip.

However, the DPP has ordered a thorough investigation after the leaked audio.


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