The illegal business at Huduma Namba registration exposed

Kenyans are known for rushing in the last minute and this time around as the Huduma Namba registration fast approaches it is no different. Long queues have been witnessed at the registration desks with people turning up to avoid the consequences that may come.

However, not everyone is ready to queue as long as they can part with something small. Controversial blogger Robert Alai has exposed some of the Malicious behaviours been done by people in the name of getting the Huduma Namba.

While taking to social media, Alai claimed that some people have been bribing the Huduma Number clerks, hire taxi to take them to their premises to get registered from their house leaving poor Kenyans standing all stranded in the long lines.

“This company decided to bribe Huduma Number clerks, hired for them a taxi and took them all into their premises. That’s how this country operates now. Kenyans standing on the line remained there like kids of a lesser god.”

Alai’s allegations came days after Interior cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’ i gave a statement saying that there will be no extension of the registration process, anyone who will not have been registered will now have to go to the Chief’s camp to get themselves a huduma Namba.

CS Matiang’ i further said that in a span of 5 weeks the process has seen 31 million Kenyans registered which is about 65 per cent of the Kenyan Population. He continued urging Kenyans to register with the hopes that the government can have at least 40 million Kenyans register by close of the process.

However some Kenyans have been sceptical in getting the Namba claiming that it is voluntary to have it, this was after the Chief of Staff in the Office Of the President announced through social media saying the process is voluntary for every Kenyan.






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