Martha Karua, AhmedNassir trade words over Githongo’s defamation case

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Former Presidential Candidate and NARC Leader Martha Karua have hit out at Senior Counsel Ahmednassir after he commented on an invite post where the High court was awarded for the defermation against whistleblower John Githongo.

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Ms Karua was responding to a tweet by SC Nassir where he wrote enquiring the main reason the high court would be awarded. “What is special about the defamation award made against Githongo? This is simply nauseating….”

While responding to the vocal lawyer Karua said, “If you cannot see it by yourself then you obviously cannot be helped to”

This came after the court asked the former anti-corruption commissioner John Githongo to pay Sh27 million to former Internal Security minister Chris Murungaru for defaming him.

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According to Justice Joseph Sergon it was clear that Githongo had no evidence for the allegations on Murungaru’s link in the multi-billion-shilling Anglo Leasing scandal.

the ex-minister accused Githongo of collaborating with the media to tarnish his name.

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However, Githongo tried to explain how he came up with the report which he presented to the then President Mwai Kibaki in November 2005 where he said that Murungaru and his associates had “resurrected” the contentious contracts that were carried over from the Kanu regime. He acknowledged the existence of the contracts but said their legitimacy was questionable.

Githongo has since dismissed the ruling and has planned to appeal the judgement as soon as possible.


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