KOT expose greedy leaders who have nothing to do with Wanjiku

Online Users have taken to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment in our leaders. According to Kenyans, the leaders we voted and elected are the same people preaching about corruption yet when they are in parliament it is about their welfare.

Just recently the Salaries and Remuneration Commission announced that the Members of Parliament will no longer be receiving house allowances and they should return the money as all benefits are included in their gross pay, in that case, they have been getting double allowances.

However as greedy as our MPs are they opposed the order with some claiming that Members of Parliament are state officials just like the President, his deputy president, Principal Secretaries, governors among others hence deserve all the benefits that come with the job.

This has also seen government officials dragged in corruption scandals leaving large using public funds hence Kenyans are dying of hunger and poverty in the counties.

Through Social Media, online users have shown their anger and concern to the  greedy MPs

Here are some reactions:

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