Why Conman Jared Otieno Deserves a Presidential Award


Controversial Nairobi tycoon Jared Otieno is the talk of town after being arrested in the Fake gold scam, that has seen a Saudi Prince being defrauded of millions of money by False Pretence.

The flashy businessman had been arrested for obtaining money by pretending to be in a position to export gold from Kenya to foreign countries.

But instead of roasting him, shouldn’t we be celebrating him for swindling foreigners, unlike our politicians who steal taxpayers money? All Kenyans are thieves, Jared just decided he would steal internationally and bring the money home.

In fact,

for all I know, our brother here didn’t steal anything. All he is accused of is selling fake gold. Have you ever been to River Road and its environs, Chinese fake products are being sold on the shelves. Why haven’t these guys been arrested?

When you are a thief, you steal from the rich coz most of that money has been stolen anyway. The problem is that thieves make a lot of noise when they lose a few coins from their ill-gotten wealth.

Jared Otieno is very mindful of poor Kenyans, he doesn’t steal from Kenyan taxpayers πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ , he steals internationally unlike our politicians.

And Jared does not ‘eat’ his money alone. In 2016 he spent 15 million on a wedding that was has since been the talk of the town. He paid 2 million in bride price. The drivers, car hire and helicopter operators all made a killing on that day. See, he injected money back to the economy.

Jared Otieno has been and still is paying fees for a lot of needy bright students in high school and university. The DCI arrested him after he cleared fees for 2019. Now we don’t know how 2020/fee will be paid. Sasa Mnataka nani alipe hii pesa?

Kenyan youth also benefit from pimping and repairing his lucrative vehicles. For all I know, Jared has done more to the Kenyan economy than the Jubilee government, he deserves an award.

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