Uhuru won’t achieve his big 4 by handling ICT like GEMA agendas

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Outgoing government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe has caused quite a stir on social media after revelations that he has been appointed ICT Principle Administrative Secretary.

The president’s trend of recycling leaders has irked many Kenyans who have opened up on their frustrations and lack of faith in the administration’s success.

A citizen has stated she has given up on Huduma Namba after the announcement

Another has expressed that Uhuru will not achieve his big four agendas if he is handling ICT like Gikuyu Embu and Meru Association agendas. He further stated that Kiraithe is a beneficiary of statehouse tribal recycle bin that have experts in mismanagement of public resources and looters of public coffers.

The youths have as well expressed their displacement in the presidents promise of creating more opportunities for them.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta said if re-elected, his government will work with devolved governments to establish at least one industry in every county.

“We commit to creating at least 6.5 million jobs over five years to ensure our people, particularly our youth, can secure and maintain good jobs that enable them to enjoy a decent life. We will concentrate investments in the sectors that are growth-oriented and job creating,” President Kenyatta said.


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