Sonko left embarrassed after false “Development” Tweet Backfires

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Nairobi governor Mike Sonko was on Thursday morning left an embarrassed man after his efforts to lie on Twitter users seriously backfired. His Social media lie was brought to a sudden halt after he was caught red-handed spreading false development tweet.

Through his twitter account, the governor had given the credit to himself by posting a once deserted and dumped park that had been reclaimed for public use.

For context, until a few years ago, People’s Park in Korogocho was a dumping site in the slum northeast of Nairobi filled with garbage and even human waste. It also acted as a crime hotspot at one time.

But today, People’s Park is no longer a no-go zone. With well-manicured grass, stone paths and trees offering shade from the scorching sun, it has become a popular spot for Korogocho residents to meet and play.

This was after a youth-led volunteer group called “Komb Green Solutions” took it up to themselves to clean up public spaces in and around Korogocho for the past two years.

In the tweet though, Sonko looks to accord all the credit of rehabilitating the former crime zone to himself and the Nairobi County Government.

Other Kenyans joined in and blasted Sonko for trying to joyride on a noble project started and completed by a group of ambitious Korogocho youth.

Even local artiste Muthoni The Drummer Queen couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the tweet.

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