Senator Linturi disagrees with SRC move to scrap MPs allowances

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The Meru County Senator Mithika Linturi has responded to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC) where the commission said it will work to stop Members of Parliament to stop getting house allowances.

While speaking to Journalist at Parliament Building Senator Linturi said that he would agree with the commission in returning the allowance money if the law is not followed on how they receive allowances.

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“I personally believe in constitutional Order, proper Practices and respect for institutions. I will only have a problem with the award of the allowances to the members if the due process is not properly followed.”

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He further added saying that a member of parliament is a state officer just like the President, the Deputy President, Governors and Deputy Governors.

According to SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich the return of the money from the members will help recover any money already paid.

SRC chairperson Lyn Cherop Mengich during a press conference on MPs house allowances on May 15,2019./ENOS TECHE

She further stated that the house allowance to MPs and senators is usually in the gross payment hence this proves of double of a benefit.

No state officer enjoying a house allowance outside the gross payment and any additional payments without its approval is unconstitutional.

This will also see all payments that do not have SRC’s approval are stopped.


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