How Raila’s ODM is starving for funds from government

Raila Odinga-led Orange Democratic Party is facing a financial crisis. According to ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna, the party needs at least Ksh 50 million every month to run their offices.

Sifuna says they did not have the money and it was not easy to fund the offices.The party claims it is entitled to Sh1 billion from the Political Parties Fund but only receives Sh120 million per month.

”This is like a drop in the ocean and too little to make an impact. We are starved of funds that we are entitled to by the National Treasury. We don’t know why,” claimed Sifuna.

He sensationally claimed CS Henry Rotich was frustrating the opposition party.

”We are currently owed Sh5 billion by the government since 2013. We need the cash to carry out civic education and run our affairs,” he said.

According to the law, political parties are entitled to 0.3 per cent of the total national budget amount.

The parties, however, on numerous occasions say they receive less than the allocated amount.

In 2016, ODM went to court seeking orders to compel the National Treasury to adhere to the 0.3 per cent rule.

The party has also initiated efforts to revamp itself ahead of the 2022 General Election.

The move came after an internal audit indicated the outfit could collapse in the absence of its leader Raila Odinga.

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