‘You raised a Prince!’ Fans commend Wilbroda after she shares pictures of her son all grown up

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Jacqueline Nyaminde, popularly known as Wilbroda in Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula,  is one of the most popular female celebrities in the country. In fact, her unique broken Swahili accent has made her one of the funniest local TV actresses we love to see acting.

Well, apart from being the amazing actress and Radio co-host she is, Wilbroda also sums up as a proud mother of one lovely son named Xolani Amin Okello. Though she has successfully maintained her private life to herself, she has at times shared photos of the lad who is 9 years old this year.

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She has in the past revealed on interviews that she is a proud single mother.

Wilbroda's son

The renown Comedian has once again taken the internet by storm, in a recent photo-shoot with her son.

In photos she shared on Instagram, Wilbroda and her all grown son look astonishing in the photo-shoot they had for Mother’s Day.

Thank you @nairobiantoday for honoring me with an amazing, fun filled Mothers Day Photoshoot…And to all mothers out there, I salute you. To the world you are a mother but to your family, you are the world!

In the pictures, the duo, adorned in wide smiles, is smartly clad in ankara outfits. The young boy looks dapper and stylish and a little heartbreaker in his ensemble.


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petraotsyula Super woman, looking like fine wine n the boy#hotlike🔥

pagufwa Congratulations love you guys have raised a price 🙏🏽❤️


cliffnyagol That’s what I call mother and son love

violeteledi Muongezee musista mdogo ako lonely


In May last year, Wilbroda revealed that she once hired a nanny who breast fed her 8-month old son, whenever she was away.

Upon receiving the news of what happened in her absence, the comedian took a flight back to Nairobi and she verified the information with neighbours and in the process learnt that the said nanny was also HIV positive.

When my son was around 8 months old, I had to travel to Mombasa on a work assignment and so I left him under the care of a nanny whom I had trusted so much. While in Mombasa, I received an anonymous call from a person who informed me that my househelp breast fed my son whenever he cried,” Wilbroda disclosed on Parent’s Magazine.

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