This is why Nairobi street will be named after Jua Cali

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The Kenyan radio station is championing for the creation of a street in Nairobi named after Mgenge pioneer the legendary Jua Cali.

Radio presenter Jinx under Homeboyz radio is driving a petition to help remember the impact of Jua Cali in the music industry and the society at large.

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Jinx – Homeboyz radio presenter

Jua Cali released his first single 20 years ago and he has been blessing fans with good music for two decades.

since his entry to the game, he has been able to release some of the most impactful songs in the history of Kenyan Music.

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The popularity of sheng on a mainstream level can easily be attributed to his consistent use of the language in his music.

His popular song is Ngeli ya Genge which was released in 2008. This was among his top songs that rocked the charts in local radio stations.

Jua Cali is still impactful in the new school and Jinx thought it well to make a remembrance of his legacy.

“It’s almost 20 years since the legend’s first release and he deserves the honor that will make sure his story is never forgotten, let’s get a street named after the Kenyan Music Legend, Jua Cali,” noted Jinx.

It is up to Genge fans now to make this work by signing the petition and a street will be named after him.

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