This Is Chiira/taboo>>Lupita Nyong’o and Brother are Raising Eyebrows

Lupita Nyong'o brother denies siblings are stressing their political father with gay lifestyle:  At least I live my life with the self love

Africa’s history of societal and interpersonal relations was guided by a moral code agreed upon unanimously by the members of the society as a whole. Never in any tribe, clan or race of Africa was it mentioned or passed down that there was realtions(s*^ual) of the same gender.

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Want to know how? Ask any African if there exists any word in their language that describes the aforementioned relationships between members of the same gender. If there is, post in the comments section below for verification and scrutiny of me and all the other readers of this piece.

The African was appalled when they saw the foreigners from Arabia, America and Europe engage in such abominable acts. It was taboo. It was foreign. It was unnatural.

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Lately, the beloved actor from Kenya who graces the cameras of Hollywood with her unrivaled performances in cinema,-Lupita Nyong’o was seen in very uncormfortbale poses with a female singer from America(uncomfortable in the eyes of the African). It sent mixed signals about her prefernce in gender.

Her brother too, Junior Nyong’o has also been seen on the internet wearing lady clothes and underwear rocking lipstick and also posing in lady-like and unmanly positions.

The two;- being African and Luo have sent mixed signals and might just lose a big fan base from their African Continent especially Kenya. Their father is a respected professor and poltician in Kenya. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o.

This is Chiira (Luo languge). It is a taboo. As chiira is taboo in Luo language.

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