Kenya Ports Authority effected major changes create panic

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has effected major changes affecting 16 senior officers either been demoted, transferred or promoted sparking tension among workers at the port.

Among departments hit by the purge, which comes barely a year after a similar one in March last year, are the Procurement and Supplies and Security.
The Head of Procurement Mr. Anthony Nyamacha who took over the lucrative position in March last year is transferred to Uganda as KPA head of liaison markets.

Nyamancha who took over from Mr. Yobesh Oyaro was vetted in lifestyle audit ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta and was cleared on November 2, last year.

Oyaro was transferred to Kisumu in March last year in a purge that affected several top managers. On Wednesday Nyamancha said he was happy with the new position.

“Yes, we have received letters and I am preparing to go to Kampala. I am happy with the new position,” said Nyamancha in a brief telephone interview.

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