Africa the BEST place! Akothee reveals why life is ‘unbearable’ in Europe

Kenyan songstress and award winner Akothee is currently in Oslo, Norway, where she is supposed to stage an International performance on Saturday 18th May.

The philanthropic celeb announced about her world tour in April where she revealed of her performing in Europe and USA before returning to Kenya later in the year.

However, as a shocker to her fans back in Kenya who are itching to be ‘deported’ to Europe for not having a Huduma Namba, life here in Kenya is the best according to Akothee.

Taking to her social media account, Akothee revealed to her over 1.2 million followers that she cannot live in Europe.

“me I cant live in Europe 😭😭😭 there is no place to make noise or scream, I feel like I am in a cage, I have forgoten how my voice sounds , everything is noise for this pipo🤔🤔🤔 no loud music , you have to talk in low tone🤔, tukutane oslo so you people tell me how to survive here.”

According to the mother of 5, life in Europe is damn boring. There is no place to make noise and people are even forced to talk in a low tone.

The experience is like people are caged with no freedom at all. She even asked for Kenyans who frequent Europe to advise her on how to survive the boring planet.

Akothee World Tour

Hope you are now happy to be in Kenya?

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