Stages Of Labour Pain Every Woman Should Know

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This is the true definition of the saying that ‘the roots of success are bitter but the fruits are sweet’. It is a really painful process every mother goes through. It has been equated to the pain one would feel when they fracture or break 30 bones at once, but the joy of holding your very own bundle of joy make moms forget the pain they felt before the little human came to the world.

Before the little human decides to pop, there are stages of labour the new mom will experience, It is a good thing to know what’s happening to be able to take action beforehand it may be for your own good or the good of someone you will help one way or another.

1. Early Labour

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Ideally, it should last about 6 hours or longer and you may start feeling some mild contractions in a span of 30-60 apart and will start increasing gradually.

2.Active Labour

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At this point, the contractions will have increased and last a little longer than the first stage. It lasts 2-8hours prompting your cervix to dilate to 7cm.

3.Transition labour

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At this point, you are fully dilated and ready to push and you are in pain. The pain is infectious, you will experience pain in your groin, you back, your sides and your thighs. You will also experience nausea.

4. Pushing labour pain

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Now here is when things get thick, the pain is excruciating but you gotta push mommy!! As painful as it is it actually a relief. It actually feels like that hard, long poop…. in the same way, you will feel pain along the vagina as the baby comes out.

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5.Placenta delivery

Trust me, this thing just doesn’t slide out, it takes about 30 minutes to get the stuff out. You will experience some contractions as it eases out.

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