KENYA SIHAMI MIMI: How Kenyans tell you you’re fat

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If there is one thing Kenyans are very good at, it is roasting each other, if not other people. You can confirm this just by logging on to Twitter and finding the hilarious comments KOT have.

You see Kenyans like commenting on everything, your weight, your job, your man and they judge your every move. I don’t know why people feel they have the right to say so much about someone’s life yet their own is not even perfect. One of the things Kenyans will talk to you about is your weight, these are the ways they say it.

1. Ume kuwa uki kula? (What have you been eating?)

What have you been eating? Stones, grass and all the food you feed me because my meals come from your pocket. Please don’t ask people what they have been eating unless you actually feed them.

ways kenyan guys tell you you're fat

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2. Eeh ume nona (you’ve gained weight)

Why do Kenyans feel the need to tell you when you have added weight? Do people get paid for being weight watchers? You need to leave people as they gain their weight, you think they don’t know that they are fatter?

ways Kenyans tell you you're fat

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3. Uko na pesa siku hizi yaku kula? (Nowadays you have money to eat)

So now when you gain weight you have money? Maybe it’s because I have been eating fries because it’s cheaper or hormones or genes? Getting fat is not always a sign of wealth.

ways Kenyans will tell you you're fat


4. Hizo nguo ni tight sana( your clothes are so tight)

Yes, I am wearing them and I like them as tight as they are. If you were not made the fashion police please stay away from telling people that their clothes are tight.

ways Kenyans tell you you're fat

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5. Uta kula hiyo yote? (you’ll eat all that)

Yes, I will eat everything and actually go for seconds, you have a problem with it then please look elsewhere.

ways Kenyans tell you you're fat


Fat shaming people is such a dim thing to do. You need to respect people as they are, their choice to eat or gain weight should not bother you. Some people actually gain weight and look better but some people will try and tell you that you look bad, don’t believe them.

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