Moses Kuria Blasts Waiguru for ‘Applying 6 inch Lipstick’ Instead of Working

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has found herself on the receiving end days after sacking Kerugoya County Hospital health workers.

Following the exposure on the filth at the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital, Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP) Moses Kuria has taken on Waiguru saying that the deplorable state of Kerugoya Hospital is wanting.

He further questioned the governor’s passion and her conscience in public service.

“In-patients escaping from Kerugoya Hospital for fear of contracting more diseases inside the hospital due to filth. If you have no heart, no conscience, no passion, no connection with people’s problems, no first account with poverty, no tears, no empathy-get the hell out of public service. There is more to public service than 6 inch lipstick and plunder of NYS resources,” he wrote.

Waiguru had issued a statement that Kerugoya Hospital will reinstate workers with immediate effect to deal with the unhygienic conditions.

The Hospital was in the limelight yesterday for filth and outbreak of Hepatitis B and Diarhoea. Waiguru had fired casual workers including cleaners towards the end of April, 2019 for demanding a pay rise.

This led to the buildup of dirt and outbreak of diseases at the hospital. Five nurses fell ill with Hepatitis B a week later. A baby was also reportedly died from the contagious disease.

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It is now emerging that patients are fleeing the hospital for fear of contracting the contagious Hepatitis B and other diseases.

Two months ago, he thrown a jibe at Waiguru for appearing to oppose his proposed law on coffee.

Kuria has already introduced a bill to the National Assembly that seeks to ban exports of raw coffee.

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The vocal legislator argues that local coffee farmers stand to benefit big time if their produce is added value before it is exported.

However, Waiguru recently threw water on the move saying what was ailing the former lucrative sector was lack of market and proposed the elimination of middlemen so as to boost farmers’ earnings.

He talked about this n a video which he was speaking in Kikuyu;




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