KOT bay for Waiguru’s blood: ‘We are trying to create jobs while you are firing?!’

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru was on the spot and unfortunately on the bad books of Kenyans on Twitter after firing 346 casual workers at the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital.

Albeit she explained her move on her Twitter, it was hard to get past the wrath of KOT.

In defense of her actions, Waiguru broke the numbers down on her Twitter, citing that the hospital was over staffed and the changes had to be made in order to forge meaningful progress in the county.

A move to boycott the hospital’s operations by doctors and nurses was at the same time addressed by the governor, who insisted on her stance, and urged staff not to be derailed by political shenanigans.

“We therefore refuse to be derailed by political shenanigans of those inciting staff to go on a go-slow citing removal of casual workers,” she said.

She however still faced oppositions by a substantial amount of Kenyans online.

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