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We know kina Corazon Kwamboka, Vera Sidika and Huddah and all the stunts they pull on social media…feeding the eyes of sexually starved men with fodder.

Most men look at them like sexual objects…things that are meant to pleasure them visually and also if possible, bedically..(is there such a word, if it ain’t..then i shall have created it for the purpose of this piece).

Do we ever stop and think that these people have feelings too, and would want to be married, settled and have babies that suckle their breasts?

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has confessed that she has always wanted to marry billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi.

Through her Instagram account on Thursday, the beauty described Kirubi as a “great man” who has always been the man of her dreams. The social media celebrity was reacting to a message of advice posted by Kirubi on Instagram.

” Don’t buy her ‘flowers’ that wither. Buy her a ‘tree’ that will endure all seasons,  produce flowers and bear fruits reminding her that you though of her future,” Kirubi’s message read.

In response, Huddah wrote: “That’s why I always wanted to marry C.K. Such a great man.”

The 27-year-old has also been on record hailing the industrialist’s success in the world of business.

“Chris Kirubi is a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a businessman. He bought shares at the right places and got lucky,” she said in the past.

She also told off critics who poked fun at Kirubi’s debilitating illness. The 76-year-old had been admitted at a hospital in the United States for six months and returned in the country in March appearing weak.

“And what pained me the most is the Chris Kirubi issue. I am ashamed to be Kenyan. Nairobi is a sea full of sharks waiting for you to shake a little. So they can finish you. Kick you when you are down. Mshindwe na Mlegee,’’ Huddah wrote.

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