Jowie Cries Again: No One Listens…

Embattled TV Journalist’s fiancee Joseph Irungu (Jowie) has pleaded with the courts to free him after a prolonged stay in detention.

Jowie is suspected to have been behind the gruesome murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani whose throat was slit while at her apartment.

A vehicle beleieved to have been used in the incident was traced to Citizen TV journalist- Jacque Maribe who said that her fiancee Jowie had the car.

While Maribe was released pending a court case, Jowie has been in custody since the case began September last year.

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Jowie’s lawyer pleaded with the courts to release the suspect, explaining that he has no capacity to interfere with witnesses in the case as they are protected by the state.

“I am not a threat to witnesses and the public as l have no access to guns and no gun has been recovered from him,” he said.

James Wakiaga
Justice Wakiaga

His lawyers argued Jowie is not a flight risk and that his family in Nakuru is willing to house him in case he is released.

“In the interest of justice, Mr Irungu be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved,” said his lawyers.

The judge Justice Wakiaga ordered that the case be heard two weeks from Tuesday when he heard the bail application.

“The bail review application will be heard on May 21,” the judge said.

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