Ladies, The Friend Zone Does Not Exist…That Man Is Husband Material For You!

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The friend zone is one of the most dreaded places any man can be. You saw this girl, had interest in her, and thought she was manna straight outta heaven!

Yes, you made the maiden step of going up to her and introducing yourself. Things went great, and everything seemed super for the past 2 months…and then wham, you find yourself in the friend zone!

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And from the ladies perspective, she met this guy. She thought he was great and everything. But for some strange reason (which she will repeatedly say that she can’t put her finger on) she decided to friend zone him.

Fortunately, the explanation is pretty straightforward.

This lady felt you were emotionlly insecure.

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You see, women have a lot of insecurities that they battle with every day. Even the most secure woman would like to have a man that is rock-solid with his emotional intelligence.

So if you find yourself just friendly, all you have to do is work on your emotional intelligence.

Nevertheless, for women, here’s why you should consider that friend as something more meaningful:

He should be concerned about her thoughts and stories. A woman wants a husband she can open up to. An emotional companion

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He should know when to hold back his tongue to prevent things from escalating especially when she is moody

He should learn the art of communication; face to face and over the phone. Learn to check up on her, to engage, to chat her up and keep loneliness away

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He should learn to give direction. Where are they going as a couple and family? He should offer confidence, vision and leadership

He should show commitment to the vision of their love through faithfulness. Leading from the front publicly and privately. Keeping off other women

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He should date his wife no matter how long they have been together. Make her feel special, compliment her, flirt with her, pursue her, romance her, excite her heart, treat her like a Queen

He should make her believe in herself more, drowning her doubts, allaying her fears, reminding her who she is when she forgets, lifting up her spirits when she feels low, making her feel sexy and beautiful when she does not feel all that.

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He should be a shoulder to lean on when she cries, the person she runs to when this world overwhelms her. Her cover

He should make her feel desired and wanted. Turn her on like crazy. Open her tap of wetness. Know which buttons to push to give her sweet highs

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