REVEALED: Why Most Men Think That Women Don’t Like Them…And Why It’s Messing Up Their S3x Life

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There’s a certain group of men springing up that believe that most women don’t like them.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of men approaching and interacting with women like this on a daily basis! Which is shockingly damaging their chances of being with these women on a s3xual level.

For example; just think about it.

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Are you the type of guy who admits that he is scared of approaching women?

Indeed, you are most likely scared to approach women because you think that the girl is going to reject you.

And why is this the case?

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The essence of confidence has been slowly destroyed in the modern-day man. In fact, most men rarely search within themselves to find their true value.

That’s why for the men that do get the most s3xiest girls in the room, they always assume that the woman wants to have s3x with them.

Indeed, the well-established cassanovas in Nairobi always gallantly state that every girl they talk to in this city would be happy to give it to them in a matter of minutes.

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And every man should assume the same thing. Expect affection but accept rejection.

You’ll be surprised to find that most women out here are really lonely. They might have many guys on their contact list filling their time, but what they really want is a guy who they can easily relate with and spend some time with.

Most men have been led to believe that looks, money, and status are what will make a woman become attracted to you.

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So if they don’t have any of the three, they automatically believe that no woman would give them their time!

What most men fail to realize is that it’s all about the mindset. Yes, your looks, money and status can uplift you; but at the end of the day, you have to have undeniable confidence in yourself.

From the beginning, you have to believe that all these women around want you.

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Unfortunately, most men believe that you have to have pick-up lines, magic tricks, and some over-the-top shenanigans to get these women to start liking you.

Most men believe that they are not a finished product to the women that they meet.

In fact, the requirements that these women put don’t mean a thing as long as you have the confidence to prove them wrong.

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So next time that little voice in your head tells your that the woman won’t like you, how would you react if you saw a lion was intimidated by a zebra? Pathetic, isn’t it?

Exactly…so let go and enjoy women’s company today!

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