Wetangula states conditions that would make him and Uhuru form a team

Senator Moses Masika Wetangula in recent times has never formed a team with President Uhuru Kenyatta but he is willing to rebuild the friendship.

But how is that going to happen

The call for referendum is gaining momentum each and every day. Different leaders have stated their conditions under which they will support.

Senator Moses Wetangula has stated his conditions for the call for a constitutional amendment.

Wetangula is proposing a Parliamentary system of government which many other leaders have also backed. The idea of a parliamentary system was profounded by Hon Raila Odinga.

The idea of introducing the Parliamentary system was backed by the fact that the country is always divided just because of the Presidential election.

But according to Wetangula, he will only support the push for referendum if it goes the handshake way. Hon Wetangula has stated that if it follows that path then it will be cost effective.

Wetangula has also stated that this will make him support President Uhuru Kenyatta and together they form a one team.

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