Real Reason Why Duale is Silent Revealed, Held ‘Captive’ Over Billions

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has remained silent on the growing rift that is threatening to tear apart the ruling Jubilee Party.

Many have noted that is very unlike him.

The National Assembly Leader of Majority has not been seen in public or attended press briefings by his colleagues to talk about the growing rift brought about by the 2022 succession politics.

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Duale’s silence is now a matter of concern owing to his close relationship with Deputy President William Ruto who is the subject of the 2022 succession politics in Jubilee Party.

Pundits have alleged that Duale’s silence on the Jubilee rift raises suspicions.The analyst observes that the Garissa MP is among ardent and vocal supporters of the Jubilee Party and his silence signals something.But a known Ruto apologist, the reason behind his silence has been unmasked.

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It has emerged that the unusual silence by Leader of Majority Aden Duale has been occasioned by sh over 1.5 billion he owes the Kenya Revenue Authority.

The close ally of Deputy President William Ruto had been critical in President Uhuru Kenytatta’s government since 2013 but went gradually mute after the handshake deal.

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The vocal politician had been described as an ‘engine’ in the Jubilee administration especially on National Assembly matters.

With such a huge amount hanging on his head, he knows outrightly going to Tanga tanga spells doom. He also can’t join Kieleweke because that reads betrayal hence the loud silence.

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