Nandy set to launch new album in Nairobi

Tanzanian Sensation Nandy has announced the launch of her new album in Nairobi Kenya.

Nandy has earned a fan base in Kenya and has had several media tours within the country as well as concerts.

The Singer has announced the launch of her album on 28/4/2019 at Golden Ice Bistro Nairobi.

Earlier in February, Nandy released  the first track off her new album ‘The African Princess’ dubbed ‘Hazipo’.

A song that was well received by her fans and currently has over 1.7 Million views.

The ‘Ninogeshe’ hit maker says that she had already launched the album in her home country and would like to launch it in Kenya as well.

Nandy has also had several collabos with Kenyan artist Willy Paul and this contributed greatly to introduce her to the Kenyan Market.

Apart from Willy Paul, there are other Kenyan artists that Nandy hopes to work with in the future including Masauti.

In regard to her album launch, Nandy believes that Kenya is her second home and therefore she feels entitled to reach out and embrace the Kenyan fan base.

The album launch will hopefully boost her dominance in the market and place her on top of the charts in the Kenyan music industry.


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