How Kenya reacted to Nic Hailey’s anti-corruption statement

Nic Hailey

UK High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey’s anti-corruption statement was greeted with fury by a section of Kenyans.

Mr Hailey tweeted:

Corruption is theft from our people and we will work together to fight it.

Kenyans had this to tell Hailey:

Shut up! You and @BobGodec helped the current regime usurp to power. You’ve have no moral authority talking of corruption when you’re as corrupt as you’re.— Dan Mwanzia🇰🇪 (@DannMwanzia) April 18, 2019

When will you finish working????— morris (@morriskiongo) April 18, 2019

Have you started working or you will work…. This is not the first time am reading this from you Balozi.— Michael Kyenze (@michaelkyenze) April 19, 2019

The people you installed as president and deputy president are stealing from Kenyans.— Nyondiko (@Nyondiko) April 19, 2019

I will only take the Dpp his seriousness on the war against corruption when he order the arrest of chief of corruption son of sugoi bt all what is happening is mouse game— @sirfikirimweni™ (@SirFikirimweni) April 19, 2019

….though we are aware that UK and other developed countries are conduits or havens for looted African wealth…….— Mkenya_Daima (@mlesterh) April 18, 2019

All this cases have happened under your watch?? What will you be fighting?? #hypocrisy You chose an illegitimate government in the pretext of peace and stability.. “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”The fruit of a poisoned tree which you helped nature is almost ripe.”— wembe sita (@wembe_sita) April 20, 2019

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