Victoria Kimani unveils her ideal man’s qualifications

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Nigeria based Kenya musician, Victoria Kimani, is well known for giving her best when it comes to music release. She is not the type of celebrity who is involved in relationship scandals.

In relation to this, during an interview, she revealed that she is not in a relationship with anyone. She claimed to be taking her time since she doesn’t want to end up with the wrong choice.

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She said that her greatest fear is ending up as a single mother. She dreams for a great family where she will live the rest of her life with her husband and her children. In her past relationships, she feels she has been making the wrong choices which make her end up with bad boys who are not responsible.

Victoria went ahead to reveal what she expects in a man who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She said; “He must be a man with swag and successful. Am already successful so why would I look for a person who is not like me? He must have a lot of money. Money is everything.

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Without money, will I be taking my self for outings treats? Am already doing that for myself, so why should I look for a broke guy. He must be a man with a vision and a business minded person. Am a business lady so, I would look for a lazy person.”

She advised the single ladies to be busy to avoid being lonely; “I do get lonely like any other lady who is single but I am always busy to kill away such feelings. Ladies, keep yourself busy doing the right things to avoid being lonely.”

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