Notre Dame’s Historic fundraiser confirms the West have no empathy for Africa!

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Just two days after a catastrophic fire left the magnificent Gothic structure,
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, a smoldering hulk of its former self,  billions of shillings from all over the European Nations have been raised to facilitate a new structure.

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This has proved beyond reasonable doubts that the West has little feelings if any at all for Africans. The attitude towards the suffering of African people does not touch the world’s conscience.

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Over the years, people have been dying in Africa as a result of hunger or natural disasters but the western nations have never taken their time to raise funds for the affected Africans just the same way they came together in a less disastrous Notre Dame fire.

Nearly a billion dollars has been raised to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yet not even one person died, but so much empathy for a building.

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On the other hand, barely a million dollars has been raised in a month following the deadly cyclone that killed more than 1,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more!

How do you raise a billion dollars in a matter of hours for a building where nobody died and a million dollars IN A MONTH for a 1,000 dead and a million more affected?!

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How? How do we explain the overwhelming sympathy for Paris and the indifference towards impoverished people affected by a catastrophic natural disaster ….?!*

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This attitude is mimicked in so many aspects it’s unbelievable! I don’t even care about what the World thinks, but what do Christian believers in the West who regard fellow mankind as brethren think? Should your donation go to restore the Cathedral or relief the suffering of our fellow human family?!

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