IT AIN’T THAT BIG! Hilarious Ways men make their Mjulus look Bigger


Believe it or not there are funny ways guys try to make their D look bigger.

Men have their insecurities as well and in as much as they act macho and like they rule the world a man’s D is his ego. So if a man suffers from a small D he is more likely to act like a small baby. However there are few tricks men try just so they can boost their ego if you see your man try any of these things, he’s trying to impress you.

1. Tries some weight loss

Yes, the myth that a man’s dick size will increase when he becomes smaller gets to some people’s heads. So some men will definitely try and lose some weight so that his dick size will look large and longer.

what men do to get bigger dicks
2. Takes some odd pills 

Some odd pills like viagra, they say that these pills are for old people but it’s beyond that. Young men also take drugs to make their penis size bigger because which gives them an ego boost and a super erect dick.

what men do to get bigger dicks
3. Will have a clean shave

As in the man will shave everything off and this may seem odd for a man but some do it to fool your eyes. It’s the quickest way to just try and make his D look big especially when it’s all erect.

penis size

Men’s insecurities come from two places, their finances and their dick size. The same way we do many things to feel good about ourselves they are also in the same boat.

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