Kitaeleweka!Willy Paul to expose dirty secrets in gospel industry

It seems like 2019 is a year of cleaning gospel industry, not long ago gospel artistes Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat were on the lime light following the threesome and herpes saga.

Singer Bahati was also hitting the headlines after he was accused by his former dance mate and childhood friend M4j for lying to gain fame through sympathy.

Then we witnessed mass exodus from his EMB recording label however he has re-launched the label.

Few days ago Ringtone was up on his arm attacking his fellow gospel artistes.

Now Willy Paul has threaten to expose the dirty secret in the Gospel Industry.

” Morning guys, 2019.. this is the year that I am going to put to shame everyone that looked down on me, I’m going to expose every dirty secrets that they’ have been doing in this INDUSTRY. “

Willy Paul went ahead to reveal that his fellow gospel singers are planing to bring him down by soiling his name.

“Trust me, youll all be shocked.. crazy world..How they planned to bring me down, the people involved.. and the things this people have been doing behind the screen. I’m not perfect but you know what?? Call a spade a spade ala!!!”

Willy Poze has been in numerous attack from his fans and fellow artistes whom they accuse him of singing secular songs in the name of gospel.

Could this be the reason he is doing collabos with secular musicians?

Lets wait and see the dirty secrets and those wolf artistes hiding in sheep’s skin.

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