Inside MCAs’ shocking Sh 11B demand that will leave you poorer

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Member of County Assemblies may force the Kenyan taxpayers to spend more if they demand for high-end cars will come to pass.

The MCAs are now demanding a car grant of Sh 5 Million each in a move that will see the goverment cough up to Sh 11 billion for the 2224 county reps.

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Besides a car grant, the MCAs are demanding enhanced travel, mileage and housing allowances, mortgages and a development kitty similar to the National Government Constituency Development Fund to finance projects.

The MCAs’ demands come against the backdrop of economic strain and biting hunger caused by prolonged drought in many parts of the country.

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The move was also backed by senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen and his minority counterpart James Orengo.

MCAs also said they want  financial autonomy similar to the one enjoyed by MPs and Senators under the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).

They are proposing that they control their own budgets, instead of the money being channelled through the county government.

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“For the MCAs to do their work effectively, there should be some framework to determine what they need to execute their mandate,” said Orengo, who is the Siaya Senator.

The leaders were speaking at the ongoing Annual Legislative Summit, a joint meeting for the Senate and County Assemblies, in Kisumu.

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