Cuban Doctors Spotted Alive!!!

Abducted Cuban doctors have been spotted alive in a Forested area in Somalia.

A Somali-based broadcaster, RTN-Somali TV reported that the two doctors( Surgeon and a general practitioner) were “reportedly sighted alive in the forested Halaanqo area near Barawe four days after their capture.”

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The two doctors, Landy Rodriguez Hernandez and Dr Assel Herrera Correa were abducted on their way to work.

In the ugly confrontation that preceded their abduction, one policeman attached to them was shot dead.

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The driver of the two Cuban doctors was detained following the questioning by police.

He was to later be airlifted to Nairobi after detectives found incriminating evidence linking him to a group of people suspected to have been working in cahoots with the abductors.

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The Cuban doctors enter day 5 after they were kidnapped by the suspected Al-Shabaab militants who crossed over with them to Somalia.

Elders drawn from a popular tribe in Mandera crossed the border Saturday in a bid to negotiate with the terrorists on behalf of the government.

However, on April 12, Kenya Police Spokesman said in a statement that the government will not pay any money demanded by the abductors.

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