Are You Smarter Than Your Peers? Here Are Signs To Prove

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We live in a world where everyone is trying to prove they’re better than everyone else. So, it’s no surprise that some folks want to know how their intelligence stacks up to others.

The last thing anyone wants is to have an average intelligence. It’s why a lot of us turn to IQ tests to figure out just how smart we are, but these tests aren’t perfect. These features will help you understand whether you are smarter or not.

1. Tallness

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This might be heavily debated but if you’re taller, you might be smarter, too. A Princeton study found that taller children do a lot better on cognitive tests than their shorter counterparts. This indicates that intelligence might be a genetic trait, but the study wasn’t able to verify that.

2. Monogamous Men

Monogamous Men

You’re not the kind who sleeps around on their partner. We get it! Temptation is right around the corner. For some men, it is ingrained in their biological DNA to “spread their seeds” around. But those who fight the urge to cheat on their partners, and choose to stay in a committed relationship with just one person are generally smarter than your average Joe. They’re acting against historical human ways, which is a huge sign of intelligence. The same does not seem to apply to women and monogamy, according to CNN.

3. Non-Smokers

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According to research, if you’re a heavy smoker, you probably have a low IQ. The study found that young 18 to 21 year olds who smoke everyday generally have an IQ of 94. Meanwhile, non-smokers who are around the same age have been found to have an IQ of at least 101. But that’s not all! The study was conducted on 20,000 people at the Sheba Medical Center at the Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel. And while IQ numbers don’t lie, Dr. Mark Weiser, (who was in charge of leading the study) said he’s still unclear whether people who are naturally smarter are less inclined to smoke, or if smoking causes someone’s IQ to lower.

4. Pointy Chins

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Every man is different, but apparently, having a pointy chin might be a sign that you’re really smart. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a man by their chin. According to a study that was published in NCBI, people are able to perceive intelligence just by looking at a man’s face, but this doesn’t work with women’s facial structures.

5.Large-Breasted Women

Large-Breasted Women

Women with large breasts tend to be the most intelligent on the planet. A study shows that women with large and even average breasts were smarter than women whose breasts were smaller. But of course, implants won’t give you an IQ boost. Regardless, never judge a book by its cover.

6. Night Owls

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If you stay up all night, overthinking and doing things instead of sleeping, then you could be very smart. Going against the belief that you have to do things during the day and sleep at night is a sign that you’re very smart. In fact, those who restrict their daily activities to the daytime tend to have lower IQs.

7.Teenage virgins

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If you were a teenage virgin, then your IQ is probably higher. Researchers at the University of North Carolina discovered that average IQ scores in teens meant they were more likely to lose their virginity, while those who scored higher than 110 were more likely virgins. The research found that “an adolescent with an IQ score of 100 was 1.5 to 5 times more likely to have had intercourse than an adolescent with an above average score of about 120 to 130.” That’s just simply fascinating!

8.Smaller Waistlines

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Could curvier women with wider hips be smarter than their skinnier peers? A study that was conducted in the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at Santa Barbara reportedly found evidence that women who had smaller waists than hips performed better on intelligent tests and had a higher level of education than their skinnier counterparts with a wider waist-to-hip ratio.

9. Bigger Brains

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If you have a big brain then you’re smarter than the average human. Michael McDanielle of Virginia Commonwealth University did some research and discovered that brain volume plays a big role in intelligence. So, the bigger your brain is, the smarter you probably are.

10. Left Handers

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Dr. Oz seems to think that if you’re a lefty then you have the upper hand. He told Oprah that lefties are able to process information that isn’t organized a lot easier than righties. That’s because the right and left side of left-handed people’s brains are able to work together as equals. He explained to Oprah, “Left-handed people can deal with more incoming information that doesn’t come in an organized way.”

11. Broad Forehead

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According to research, having a broad forehead can also be a sign of intelligence and skill. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every single person with a big forehead has an IQ that could rival Einstein’s! But decades of evidence show that people with big foreheads are able to finish tasks related to logic and intelligence at higher speeds than people with small-sized heads. In essence? The bigger the brain, the more neurons you’ll have. This means that your brain can process faster and solve problems through logic.

12. Body Hair

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Men who have thicker body hair than others are said to be smarter. A study that involved American medical students suggested that almost half of male trainee doctors in the country had thicker body hair and did a lot better in school than guys who had thinner hair throughout their bodies.

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