Aden Duale Makes Himself UhuRuto Spokesman, Tears Atwoli Apart

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Just who is COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli speaking for? The firebrand trade unionist has lately been on a ranting spree against DP William Ruto’s camp with the 2022 Presidential Elections on his mind.

Atwoli has time and again downplayed Ruto’s chances of winning the Presidency as he argues that the DP does not have what it takes to lead the Country.

His recent sentiments on Ruto’s Presidential bid has however led to widespread criticism from a number of William Ruto’s lieutenants led by Majority Leader Aden Duale.

Duale has hit out at Francis Atwoli for claiming the DP will not in the presidential contest of 2022.

According to Duale, Atwoli’s remarks were inconsequential.

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“When you say William Ruto will not be in the ballot, what is your agenda?” asked Duale.

Atwoli made the remarks on Saturday in Lamu county during a fundsdrive in aid of a women’s sacco.

“For all those you will elect, I want to tell you that the name of William Ruto will not be there. You can take that to the bank,” said Atwoli.

Speaking in Ng’ombeni Kwale county yesterday, Duale maintained Jubilee Party was intact, despite the wrangling.

“When I speak, I speak for the President and the Deputy President. Those few noises from a section of MPs are from people who have been hired,” he said.

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